About me

Hello! I am Richa Prasad, co-founder and co-coach at Coach Viva.

Why Coach Viva?

After my co-founder, Lucy, and I spent a combined 10 years and over $45k on weight loss, we realized that every weight loss solution out there offers only a few pieces to the puzzle that's becoming healthy and fit for life.

We were rather puzzled as to why this is, and assuming "malicious intent" felt like lazy thinking. So as any good engineer does, we reverse engineered the thought processes behind the creation of the weight loss solutions out there.

To our surprise, we found that the reason was simply personal bias - coaches thought that whatever worked for them was it. This explains why most weight loss programs are one-stop-solutions; e.g. Keto, Paleo, Intermittent Fasting, etc. which don't acknowledge where each of these solutions lie in the scientific sandbox and when and to whom it's applicable.

We feel this is a big piece that's holding back progress in shrinking the obesity market. And so we decided to quit our jobs and switch fields entirely to create Coach Viva - a place that gives the whole picture of what it takes to lose weight, and finally explains why all the contradictory information you've heard is true and false at the same time.

Our current offer is a productized weight loss service, whose customers serve as our Beta group for the app we're building. Once app KPIs show it's kickass, we plan to switch to the app being our main offer.

For those of you who know Nathan Barry's Wealth Ladder, yes, we somehow independently stumbled upon hitting every ladder in sequence.

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What was I doing before Coach Viva?

I was a PM at Microsoft for 8 years: four in Visual Studio and four in Cortana. Both taught me a great deal about customer development, project management, and about myself. While there, I overcame Imposter Syndrome and saved up enough money to start Viva. Thanks Microsoft!

Before Microsoft, I did a BS in Electronics Engineering and an MS in Computer Engineering. Mainly, I worked on embedded systems and the network protocols for communication between sensor devices.

My whole career till Cortana had been a ladder up from the bottom of the tech stack (embedded systems, MS Build, Windows and IE developer tools) -> top of the tech stack (Cortana's many features).

Why share my lessons growing Coach Viva?

I have three goals.

  1. Share in-the-trenches lessons: I read a lot of advice from people who are sharing lessons after-the-fact, and having tried their advice, I can confirm they don't remember the unique context that got them there. Secondly, people tend to skip sharing their struggles. I hope this blog provides some balance to the content on business out there.
  2. Connect with other founders: Growing a company is lonely business. But I struggle to connect with other founders in a meaningful, recurring way. I have noticed that creators and founders who share their journey tend to have the deepest connections with peers. This blog is my stab at sparking that for myself.
  3. Attract talent to Coach Viva: I personally am attracted to companies that reveal their journey and who they are. This blog is my 'walking the talk'.

Have thoughts to share?

I'd be delighted to hear them!

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